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What makes a professional?

What makes a professional?

January 24, 2019

The waiting room…

My son is in for a day of testing at Nemours in Wilmington, Delaware.  It’s not dire, but we have questions, and after a long day, in about a week, we will know more.  We are fortunate because although our situation matters; our problems are comparatively small to children I see here in pain.  Being in a children’s hospital makes me so aware of how spectacularly fortunate we are.  It makes me want to do even better in every way – as a parent, wife, advisor, financial planner, citizen, neighbor, friend.  Time in a hospital helps me think about what’s most important.

Depending on the professionals

Since being here we have seen two doctors and three nurses.  Every single person at Nemours has been amazing!  My son has been on an IV for three hours, and he has received multiple injections.  My fingers ache from the hand-holding and squeezing, but we feel so secure knowing we are in the care of professionals.  In every interaction we feel understood, attended to, and informed.  I am so grateful for their professionalism.  What makes these practitioners…professionals?

  • They are experts;
  • They have practical experience and know just what’s going on, so we feel comfortable;
  • They have the best technology and know new research in their field;
  • They’ve helped lots of people going through what we’re experiencing, and they still treat us like individuals;
  • They listen, answer our questions, and come quickly when we call;
  • They explain things well;
  • They care and make sure we’re comfortable;
  • They have processes and procedures and follow them;
  • They are vigilant, but do not hover;
  • They are compassionate, 
  • I believe they are driven to excel, serve, and have the best knowledge;
  • They are totally “here” for us.

Being a professional

The longer I sit in this chair working, talking to my son, and looking up to see the next step in the tests, leaving today, I am committing even more strongly to being professional in my own career.  My clients are with me for the long term.  We make important decisions and plan for their future.  The individuals sitting in my office might be nervous about the next step or excited for the future.  A big life change may have just taken place, or they might be ready to take a big leap.  Maybe they’re planning the trip of a lifetime or helping a loved one.  Everyday I am remembering first and foremost to be:

  • Thorough
  • Knowledgeable
  • Experienced
  • Compassionate
  • A good communicator
  • Constantly learning
  • Driven to serve
  • Always responsive
  • Careful with the details
  • Applying the processes and procedures
  • A good listener
  • Available to hear concerns
  • Happy to answer questions
  • Thoughtful to client goals and needs

Continually improving

It will take a week or two to get the results from today’s testing, and the waiting will be tough.  We only have good solutions in front of us.  We will have decisions to make about how best to help.  On a personal level I know after today I am a different person for many reasons.  I think a better mom, wife, friend, colleague – advisor and financial planner.  I have always been committed, but I see how I’ve been treated is how I always want to help people, too.  I will work harder to be my best self.  It makes a difference for a lifetime.  It’s important to be a professional. 

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