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What are your professional principles?

What are your professional principles?

November 06, 2019

Guiding Principles as a Business Owner:

  • Act in the best interests of clients
  • And in a way that is legal and ethical
  • Compete aggressively to succeed
  • Base investment strategies on a scientific methodology
  • Emphasize financial sustainability
  • Create opportunities for our people to contribute both to our success and to their own

This week I am at the new Dimensional Funds’ offices in Charlotte, North Carolina.  When the Dimensional team listed this at the core of their business strategy, I realized immediately that it articulated my own. 

Not only are Dimensional Funds based on Nobel Prize-winning research, science-based methodology driven, and driven by discipline – they share my core beliefs as an entrepreneur.  

Call me to discuss your business beliefs.  I am happy to share more about Dimensional Funds, and how their vision for leadership may benefit your plan.