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So what – you ate the marshmallow

So what – you ate the marshmallow

June 23, 2020
  • There is a study constantly sited in financial planning about an experiment done with preschoolers and marshmallows.  The study found that kids left alone with a marshmallow and told if they didn’t eat it, they would get more marshmallows.  You can read more about it here.

The study followed the kids into adulthood and found those who did not eat the marshmallow were more successful at saving and getting ahead in life. what if you ate the marshmallow?

To all the marshmallow eaters:  isn’t life amazing?  You can set goals, learn new habits, break free of negative self-talk!  You can take control of your financial life, and maybe even be better for taking the bait early in life.  You’ve learned to take control!

The marshmallow study seems to overlook our capacity for self-improvement and how when driven to save, learn, and succeed -- we can all accomplish great things.  Habits are learned.  We are not destined to one life because of the past.  You can invest wisely and plan for a great future.

Let’s discuss your next steps, set goals, and start building today!  Give me a call and let’s plan!