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Randy Cooper

December 04, 2023

I am sad to share that on Friday, December 1st, Randy Cooper passed away.  

Many of you knew or worked with Randy Cooper.  He was far more than just a CPA or investment advisor - he was founder and president of both Radcliffe Corporate Services – Public Accounting, and Radcliffe Investments, where he hired me in 2016.  Randy’s work didn’t stop with those businesses. He was CFO of Psychotherapeutic Services, the President of the Board of Kent Center, and most importantly to him, a dedicated and proud father. Randy was a soccer coach when his kids were young, and he told me no matter how demanding it was at work, he prioritized their games. 

Professionally, Randy could quickly size up the situation and see the big picture. He had an analytical mind and built creative solutions. In his businesses, Randy gave people the space to learn and grow. He could be extraordinarily thoughtful and generous, but he did not suffer fools and maintained a sharp, critical eye.  

Over the past decade, Randy took several long trips: he climbed Machu Picchu, twice walked the Camino in Spain, and most recently played golf at Pebble Beach with his sons.  That last one, he told me, was a perfect, once-in-a-lifetime trip.  Randy spent the last several years building his dream house and thinking over every detail.  He told me that he would never leave the house until he died, and I am happy for him that he was able to be at home with his family when he passed.  

Randy made me think.  He pointed out problems.  He made clear what he thought. All those things were hard, but they made me a better advisor.  Two powerful gifts we can receive from an individual are honest appraisal and high standards.  Randy will be missed.