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Life one year from now

Life one year from now

February 14, 2020

What aren’t you doing right now, that one year from now you will wish you had?  I am paraphrasing a question that appeared in one of James Clears’ email newsletters, which I look forward to receiving every week.

Does this question make you think?  I did – it made me think a lot. 

What are you doing today to make a more secure future?  Are you saving for the future, do you need a road-map for retirement, do you need to protect your loved one in case of the worst? 

In six months will you feel good about your financial future?  Do you have well-balanced portfolio?  Have you started saving for a child’s education?  Is your estate plan in place?

As a financial planner and investment advisor I can help you begin putting the pieces in place so that in six months, one year, 10 years – you’ll feel good about what you did today.  Call me to discuss!