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James Clear on Opportunity Costs

James Clear on Opportunity Costs

November 18, 2021

I just read this great quote and questions by the author of Atomic Habits, James Clear in his weekly newsletter:

"How much could I lose?" is not merely a financial question.

If I make this choice:

- How much time could I lose?

- How much sanity could I lose?

- How much reputation could I lose?

- How much happiness could I lose?

Opportunity cost is about a lot more than money."

In financial planning, we think about ‘human capital,’ a client’s skills and earning potential, and we think about ‘opportunity costs,’ the loss of not taking a job or changing careers.  We also think about happiness.  What brings happiness to living, which is what makes the financial plan come alive.

Financial planning is not just saving and spending, it’s figuring out the right ways to save and spend, and knowing the costs of our decisions.

Let’s discuss your opportunities, and how they build your plan!