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Getting the paper

August 09, 2019


When I was growing up my parents had three newspapers delivered.  One paper in the morning and two in the afternoon.  Back then, my parents took the time to read an article or two in the morning at breakfast before starting the day.   

In the evening

Two regional papers were perused, and a few stories read.  I recall local news was as important as the national.   I think back to the time they dedicated to staying informed.  Maybe I’m viewing it through the mist of reverie, but it seemed like they would absorb the news and think about it.  They would develop opinions and ideas.

Current events

Over the last two weeks the market has been fluctuating.  Some pundits say the Fed cut interest rates too low, and some say it wasn’t enough.  We are in a trade dispute with China.  Some days it looks like a resolution is possible and other days it looks like a slog.  There are such strong emotions on all sides of the issues.  The market swings back and forth between fear and optimism.

Tempering our reactions

Instead of being reactionary, I want to slow down and read the news.  I want to follow the story, find the logic, and examine the weak spots.  Now is not the time to jump in and out of ideas depending on today’s sound bite.  Instead, take time to understand your own values, thoughts, and understanding of news events.

But you can

Read the newspaper.  My sense is that reading the newspaper as a ‘real’ newspaper in print, slows down and deepens the process of understanding current events.  It can help you not get caught in the swings of emotion and opinion.  You can go back and read over a passage, you can quickly pick up on many different articles, some of which might be outside your normal interest.  You can take a moment to hold the paper and think about what you just read.  You can follow a story and look at the big picture.

Develop your understanding

I believe that when you understand your circumstances and goals you can build a plan.  World events will certainly impact the results, but with logic and analysis, I think you can better weather a storm. 

Let’s build your plan --

Based on your goals and rationale.  News will happen, but your own plan, along with digesting the news, can help keep a sense of order and calm rooted in your values and understanding of the world. 

Call and we can discuss the news and build your plan.