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Building with a plan

Building with a plan

October 09, 2020

Is your portfolio sound?  Is it thoughtfully constructed?

The blueprint for a portfolio is built for your goals.  It is individual to your stage in life.  It considers retirement goals, and what financial concerns or risks that might keep you up at night. 

The plan can even include personal values and objectives like investing in companies that stand-out in their market for sustainability, or in businesses that have a diverse board. 

Most importantly, the blueprint is created with great respect and consideration of the money you have worked hard to earn and the sacrifices you have made to save.

A good Investment Policy Statement will be the blueprint to:

  1. Set the objectives and goals
  2. Define the investment asset allocation
  3. Have a system for monitoring and adjusting the investment plan
  4. Explain how information will be communicated to you

As advisors we design and construct a portfolio to help you build the life you want.  Don’t build without a plan.

Let’s discuss your goals and make a blueprint for you.  Give me a call, we can Zoom or speak by phone.