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Are your values part of your financial plan?

Are your values part of your financial plan?

November 12, 2021

Are you values driven?  Do your actions play out what is most important to you?  It’s not easy sometimes to live up to our own standards of what we believe.  It is true that some people have incredible resolve and self-control, but most of us are human so there are many ways to take action as we endeavor to be better people.

How do you internalize values?

In the religion in which I was raised before every meal we prayed.  It was a listing of actual things for which we were grateful and praying for people in need.  As a kid sometimes I was hungry and just wanted to get to dinner, but now as I am getting older the importance of stopping and taking notice, thinking of others, and giving thanks – it has fallen by the wayside.

I now realize repeated reflection, whether prayer or a moment of silence to think about all we have and how others are in need and give thanks is critical to maintaining values.

How can you live a life that makes a difference?

Environmental, Social, and Governance investing is a tool that can help you live out your values.  It’s not one size fits all.  ESG is about diving into your values, and finding the right investments that allow you to grow financially without sacrificing your integrity. 

Following your moral compass

Some individuals are most motivated by how companies treat their workers.  Others are driven by environmental concerns.  Some people avoid investing in alcohol, gambling, and cigarettes. 

ESG is growing because there’s a cultural shift.  People are aligning with their values.  It isn’t easy to be perfect, it can be aspirational, but how you invest can be a tool to help.

Let’s talk about your goals as an investor.  I am here to listen and knowledgeable in investment options as a Chartered SRI Counselor™.  SRI stands for Social and Responsible Investing.  It is a difficult area of study and due diligence on funds is essential.  I do that work so you can focus on living your values in other ways.  It's a critical part of a financial plan.