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Are your finances gathering dust?

Are your finances gathering dust?

April 18, 2018

Let me tell you a little story…

Motivated to action

Last weekend I want wanted to get out my art supplies and create something!  I had been saving some special paint for the perfect project, and I had finally come up with that single idea.

Supplies on the shelf

When I took out the paint, I discovered it was completely dried out.  I’d lost my opportunity.

Carpe Diem

It would have been better if I had done a few small projects and really enjoyed those paints instead of holding out for one idea.  I probably would have learned a lot along the way and made things better than my one single idea.

Investments can gather dust

Working on financial plans I see something similar.  People get focused on finding one idea and then valuable resources are left on the shelf.  Cash gathers dust, and property sits idle.

Financial planners help you utilize your materials 

That’s where help from a financial planner is key.  Talking to someone about your plans helps you use all your supplies and tools.  You don’t need to be fearful if you have an investment plan aligned with your goals.

Sharpen your skills

If you are using your tools, then you are building more and more.  A financial planner is there to help explain how different investments work, and help you find ways to build.

Take action

This weekend I am going to take my supplies off the shelf and put them to good use.  Now, let’s talk about your plans and ideas so we can start putting them to work for you!