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Learning --what comes next?

Learning --what comes next?

September 03, 2021

Do you take art classes, work with a coach on your golf swing, or are learning a new language on your commute?  Are you trying to improve your work skills or go for that next degree? Do you find learning about your finances challenging?

I have always been pushing myself to learn – I’m not bragging because this post has a tough message for me.  In my adult life, I have never really had a year I wasn’t in some sort of class learning something new, and those few years when I wasn’t learning in an academic environment, my kids were young, I guess I was learning along with them.  It’s a good part of who I am.

Now the other side of the story, I struggle with those first steps outside the safe confines of learning.  I seem to always be questioning decisions.  I love discussing ideas and building new skills, but the tough part is putting those skills into action. What comes next after learning is doing.  

The most important part of the process of learning is after the class is over, the actual practice of the knowledge.  Changing and updating thought processes and improving services is where study gets real and useful.

Why do I do this?  It boils down to wanting to serve.  I want to make sure I am giving my best to clients.  I want to grow and provide ever-improving services.  I want to listen to clients and learn what you need.  The greatest challenge is making sure the financial planning practice helps clients learn, grow, and implement their insights and learning, too. 

Please, contact me so we can talk about your financial planning goals.  I look forward to learning your aspirations so we can put a plan in place while you strive to learn and achieve.